why mrt?

01. Optimal process design

The products you order are manufactured based on the most optimal process design, making the best use of MRT’s long-standing and ever-improving technology. Therefore, the same product is often manufactured based on a different process in accordance with the situation (i.e. evolved technology, enhanced equipment, evolved know-how and required lead time).

What is the most optimal process design for MRT?

02. You can choose materials

MRT owns a facility for heat processing. Therefore you can choose not only hard metal but also high-speed steel (HSS) as the material to be used.


High speed steel is treated by heat processing in our factory (Fuchu, Toyama). In 2008, we completely changed all of our facilities and factories. By importing heat treatment furnaces, we improved the quality of our products, eliminated labor, and shortened the delivery time. We offer the top share heat disposals in Metal slitting saw(small) and Screw Slotting cutters.

03. Confidence born from producer-retailer joint manufacturing

It is important that the manufacturing staff understand customer intentions in order to meet diverse needs in small lots. MRT conveys your needs to the manufacturing staff through careful discussions. Suggestions from the viewpoint of manufacturing are made at these discussions and thus high-quality products are produced.

04. Thorough inspection of all products

In order to conduct thorough quality management, we not only conduct inspection at each stage if production, but also inspect all completed products to be shipped before being packaged.


At MRT, inspections are conducted by each department and finally by the Inspection Division before delivery. The Inspection Division inspects all of the products we manufacture, rather than just doing spot checks. In accordance with the required accuracy for each product, we conduct not only inspections using micrometers, but also using cutting-edge inspection devices such as optical measuring instruments and non-contact measuring instruments.

05. Regrinding

Our regrinding process is conducted on the same line as the manufacturing line. Therefore, we can provide you products with the same quality as new products. Please take advantage of the accuracy of regrinding by us.


06. In-house maintenance and development

We do maintenance on and upgrade our manufacturing equipment by ourselves instead of outsourcing it to equipment manufacturers. In addition, we develop software in-house so that we can create our original product shapes and realize higher quality and shorter time for delivery.