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About TiN(Titanium Nitride) Coating

Using Physical Vapor Disposition (PVD), the products protected by TiN coating retain the hardness ranging from HV 1800-2000, well over the hardness seen in tungsten carbides.

TiN coating dramatically prolongs the longevity of cutter products such as high speed steel and tungsten carbides, and allows them to function at the highest cutting speed possible. This is because the coating protects the metal products from heat, wear, and adhesion. Furthermore, the actual coating is as thin as 2-3μ, meaning the flexibility of the original material is completely machinery efficient so the efficiency of the process will increase in general. These are the reasons behind the high praise and trust we constantly receive from our customer.

Also, including TiN-coating, you can coat in various ways depending on your use and demand.)

Composition CrN TiAlN TiN TiCN
Color Gray Black/Purple Gold Gray to Bronze Gray to Bronze
Hardness (Hv) 1,600~2,100 2,800~3,300 1,800~2,200 2,300~3,000 2,700~2,800
Roughness (Ra) 0.01~0.20 0.25~0.35 0.01~0.28 0.01~0.20 0.15~0.20
Adhesion (N) 30~70 30~40 30~60 45~50 50~60
Coefficient of kinetic friction 0.25~0.30 0.40~0.45 0.30~0.35 0.30~0.40 0.30~0.40
Standard coating (μm) 2~3 2~3 2~3 2~3 2~3
Maximum coating (μm) 30 6 10 10
Temperature to oxidize (℃) 550 800 450 350 350
Features Sliding wear resistance Adhesion resistance against non-ferrous material High hardness Oxidation resistance General coating Low cost and quick ship High hardness Lubricity Oxidation resistance High hardness Lubricity Oxidation resistance