You can count on our Heat Treatment of High Speed Steel.

MRT, where there is the Heat Treatment solution.

MRT have been successful in our industry for more than half a century as a leading manufacturer of Metal Slitting Saws, Screw Slotting Cutters, Slitters, and more. Our products cover a various field of application and which are widely used in all manufacturing settings as cutting tools. These are essential parts of the manufacturing process.
MRT’s original technology enables to provide HSS bar, plate, and board without any distortion.
MRT, where there is the Top Heat Treatment Solution.

We are rigidly committed to keep craftsman's skill, it is our spirit of the painstaking craftsmanship

The biggest task that is assigned to our skilled craftsmen of Heat treatment, they ensure optimum quenching to create the best conditions for manufacturing. The high levels of customer satisfaction are the key to generating repeat business; MRT holds to uncompromising standards.
The high quality of MRT is supported by people with expert knowledge of Heat Treatment basis, their skills, originality and ingenuity, and craftsmen’s skills which are created from wisdom by only their experience.
We have the latest technology at our Heat Treatment facilities, and we have never changed our commitment from the time of out establishment.
Our products are mainly manufactured by Craftsmen with a decades of experience at our Heat treatment department, and we try to improve our skills through friendly competition ? that’s our motto [Reporting, Contacting, and Consultation + Confirmation]

We hope you will be excited to use our accumulated Heat Treatment skills of High Speed Steel in your processes.

After relocation of new factory in July of 2008, we retooled the equipment and upgrading their qualities, energy saving and shorten delivery times have been realized through the introduction of the latest model of Heat-treatment furnace.
We have performed Heat Treatment processing for only our products in the beginning; we finally have started the contract manufacturing of Heat Treatment with high quality of High Speed Steel manufacturing skill which is based on our technology and heritage.
Rely on our heating technology which holds the top share in domestic Metal Slitting Saw industry.