2. Quality control
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Quality Control

Our most important mission is high quality management.

We probably can say that MRT’s policy of “quality is expected to be good” is being shouldered by us, the quality management section. In actuality, the president holds to an uncompromising stance about quality and officially says that all responsibility lies in inspection. We are required to pursue the highest degree of inspection capability and quality management as a pro among pros.

We specifically care about dimensional tolerance including that of metal-saw size and thickness. Distortions, warps or scratches can be causes of error. Our biggest mission is to not overlook such errors or scratches and to ensure that no products with such errors are delivered.

Our section is well aware of the 5S policy.

Our section is well aware of the 5S policy (seiri (disposal) seiton (arrangement), seisou (cleaning), seiketsu (cleanliness) and shitsuke (discipline)). Dust and dirt are enemies to maintaining high quality and accuracy. In addition, if you don’t organize things on a routine basis, you will have to waste your time to put them away and this can even affect the timely delivery of products. Thoroughly eliminating obstacles that can affect quality and timely delivery – this can be said to be MRT’s tradition. This policy requires us to keep our offices and factories clean and to use our machines and equipment with care, resulting in a good working environment.

We do the things right - THE RIGHT AWAY!

MRT is a small company, but I feel this is why we thoroughly honor quality and delivery dates, minimize losses and errors and never compromise on quality. In addition, this triggers enthusiasm among experienced and skilled employees, having us focus on education and training in order to enhance our skills. We basically are a professional team that only offers expected things (quality) within the expected time (delivery schedule). MRT, a company with a tag line as “accuracy first”, is based on our determination that all of our staff members are professionals and manufacturers.