2. Quality control
  3. MRT’s Inspection system

Quality Control

MRT's Inspection system

At MRT, inspections are conducted by each department and finally by the Inspection Division before delivery. The Inspection Division inspects all of the products we manufacture, rather than just doing spot checks. In accordance with the required accuracy for each product, we conduct not only inspections using micrometers, but also using cutting-edge inspection devices such as optical measuring instruments and non-contact measuring instruments.

Packing Division

Products having gone through inspection are soaked in oil and packed by hand individually before being delivered to our customers. Packing, which I’m in charge of, is the final process at MRT. Even when the products themselves have no problems, if the number of pieces contained in a package is wrong or different products are packed in error, they are no longer “accurate.” These red packages are the proof of our “perfection” in every sense. What we pack is “quality”, “confidence” in the form of a promise to our customers, and the spirit of “accuracy first” itself.