You are welcome to order depending on your needs, we also do small lots.

High quality to be proper, We are always looking to improve our products to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Our company’s strength is not only our technical skills but also our ability to provide for our customer’s needs no matter the size or lot. Our materials for Heat Treatment processes mainly High Speed Steel, and we quench with double furnaces; a Salt Bath Furnace which is able to take material’s property to an extreme. We also have an Antioxidation Atmosphere Furnace which enables to minimize the distortion and bend of even small diameter and extremely-thin products.
Owning the Salt Bath Furnace for especially High Speed Steel has rarity value in Japan. And we receive order from one product to be the best quenching all the time.
Feel free to ask us for processing various kinds of Fixture Metallurgy, mold material, sample products and more.

* We can work on Die Steel (SKD) and Martensitic Stainless Steel (SUS420,440) and other than High Speed Steel. Please ask about consultation of other Bearing Steel (SUJ), Alloy Tool Steels(SKS), Carbon Tool Steels (SK) and more.