Salt Bath Furnace

Heat Treatment by Salt Bath Furnace

Salt Bath Furnace is suitable for High Speed Steel products which are thick components.
The Salt Bath Furnace is origin of the Heat Treatment and creates a high quality Heat Treatment.

The Features of Salt Bath Furnace

  1. Non-erosion. (surface protection)
  2. It performs as an extremely evenness heating (excellent temperature penetration) and also, possible to heat a specific area independently (specific area heating possible) because Salt is flowed by Electromagnetic Stirrer to immersed products.
  3. It has enough heat content and heat conductivity for production (allowing for rapid heating and cooling)
  4. It reduces the curve produced by the weight of the products while it is being heated without coming up to the surface with giving specific gravity of 2~3 ascending force. (Reduces the deformation)
    As listed above, the Salt Bath Furnace has absolute advantage to perform ideal Heat Treatment compare to the Vacuum furnace. From single product (one product) is available.

Delivery shortened by Full Automatic Atmosphere Tempering Furnace.

  1. It is a fully automatic three-room structure; it has a Conveyance Table + Cooling Room, Heating Room, and Cooling Room + Extracting Table.
  2. Set the product into the basket, and push the start button, then temper twice repeatedly. It can place up to 3 baskets, and the tempered-products are sent to Extracting Table automatically the next morning, so it is greatly reduces the tempering time.

Heating cycle

Processable products

Punching Tool, Cutting Tool, Forming Rolls, Shearing Blade, and various precision machinery components.

Kind of processed steel:

SKH, SKD, SUS, SUJ, SKS, SK,and Various alloys.

Maximum Furnace Capacity

Furnace dimensions and weight allowance; W300×L200×D450, up to 3kg

Flat products(Shearing Knife, Platy Bites etc.)Maximum diametrical Φ250mm
Rod products(Large diametrical drill、End mill、Various molded etc.)Maximum diametrical Φ50mm  Maximum length 250mm


List of facilities

Facility nameOperating temperatureProcessable measureThe Number of furnaces
High Temperature Furnace
(Salt Bath Furnace)
Medium Temperature Furnace
(Salt Bath Furnace)
Constant Temperature Furnace
(Salt Bath Furnace)
Oil Tank W900×L900×D450
Pure Atmosphere Furnace(Batch Form)500℃~850℃φ500×D500
Tempering Atmosphere Furnace
(fully automatic type)
   〃   (Batch Form)500℃~650℃φ500×D500
   〃   (Batch Form)150℃~600℃W300×L400×H300
   〃   (Batch Form)100℃~400℃W300×L400×H300