Antioxidation Atmosphere Furnace

Heat Treatment by Atmosphere Furnace (Antioxidation Atmosphere Furnace)

Antioxidation Atmosphere Furnace is perfect for the heat treatment of thin, flat, and small products.
Only the Antioxidation Atmosphere Furnace is able to perform press quenching perfectly (quenching・quench press) and minimizes distortions.

The feature of Antioxidation Atmosphere Furnace

  1. It is a fully automatic type of four-room structure that has Conveyance Table + Fuel Purging Room, Heating Room, Cooling Room, and Fuel Purging Room + Extracting Table, and quenches continuously.
  2. It minimizes distortions because it is able to take it out while the component is hot and perform the perfect quench press by adjusting the cooling time. (Vacuum Furnace does not allow to make products which are too flat or small because they take too long to remove.)
  3. The Vacuum Furnace heats by only radiant heat, in comparison the Antioxidation Atmosphere Furnace heats by radiant heat and convective heat, so the vacuum furnace does not create temperature irregularities by each products(shadow).

Delivery can be shortened by Full Automatic Atmosphere Tempering Furnace.

  1. It is a fully automatic three-room structure; it has a Conveyance Table + Cooling Room, Heating Room, and Cooling Room + Extracting Table.
  2. Set the product into the basket, and push the start button, then temper twice repeatedly. It can place up to 3 baskets, and the tempered-products are sent to Extracting Table automatically the next morning, so it is greatly reduces the tempering time. so it is greatly reduced the tempering time.

Heating cycle

Processable products

Punching Tool, Cutting Tool, Forming Rolls, Shearing Blade, and various precision machinery components

Processable steel


Processable amount

Processable amount: Processed products which are able to set a basket(W300×L600×H350)

Flat material(Circular Blade, Various plates etc.) Maximum diametrical Φ250mm   Minimum thickness 0.5mm
Rod material(Small diametrical drill、Various pin、Arbor etc.) Maximum length 250mm

List of facilities

Facility nameOperating temperatureProcessable measureThe Number of furnaces
Tempering Atmosphere Furnace
(Antioxidation Atmosphere Furnace)
Pure Atmosphere Furnace
(Batch Form)
Tempering Atmosphere Furnace
(Fully automated control system)
   〃   (Batch Form)500℃~650℃φ500×D500
   〃   (Batch Form)150℃~600℃W300×L400×H300
   〃   (Batch Form)100℃~400℃W300×L400×H300